Our dealers are the heart of the store.  Many dealers are experts and specialists and often collectors in the areas that they cover.  Others are more generalists always on the lookout for bargains they can bring into the store.  In either case they strive to provide the best possible merchandise for our customers in the the Central Valley including Modesto, Manteca, Ripon, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Ceres and Turlock.


Vintage cottage style & Prairie style home collectibles.  Metal, Galvanized, French Linens, Vintage Table clothes, old books and home adornments

 Doug Quaresma

Doug Carries Vintage Turn of the Century China and Glass

Judy Westgate

Judy has vintage baby clothes, doll furniture and porcelain. 


Jadeite wear, plates and other antique items.

Melanie Shatswell

She has a cute selection of baby accessories including Bearington baby Collection items.

Dave Pearson

Excellent Civil War Memorabilia and Fine Silver and Gold Artifacts


She carries a selection of rustic "farm house" antiques including furniture and lamps made from antique items

Faith Eskue

Faith has a selection of special pieces including Art Deco lamps, Kitchenalia, jewelery and other figurines.


Alice carries a good selection of contemporary and vintage decorative glassware and ceramics along with books and other miscellaneous antiques.


Everett carries western memorabilia, antique tin and enameled signs, advertising pieces, milk bottles  and paintings.

Lockford Antiques

They have the finest quality antique furniture


Dennis has a little of everything.  Heck he has a lot of everything.  He has big furniture down to small nick knacks. 

Pete and Linda

They have an interesting booth full of collectible items.  They feature automotive items including die cast cars, key rings and other logo items.  They also have other advertising items including lithographed metal signs of all types and figurines and other collectibles

Ernie &  Judy

They have a wonderful selection of items for your boudoir. It has dressing table sets, Perfume bottles, jewelery boxes and hangers, all types of jewelery and wonderful figurines to accessorize even the most exotic boudoir

 Elisabeth Crouch, The Doll Fixer

Elisabeth has a large selection of vintage and antique dolls sure to interest serious collectors or just to inspire people with fond memories of the dolls of their youth.  She also provides doll repair and appraisal services. See her website for details  Her husband also maintains our web site.  See his web site for details.

Wayne and Cindy

They carry a selection of hunting and fishing collectibles.  They have fishing lures, duck decoys, Vintage ammunition boxes and advertising items.  They also carry firefighter memorabilia including extinguishers, figurines and helmets.

 Sharron Navarro

Sharron has a wide range of vintage decorator items. 

Helen and Bart Pace

They carry vintage and antique toys and children's books

Kathy Welch

Fine Oak Furniture and Collectibles

Bob Hamilton - Heisey Glass

Bob has a large selection of Heisey Glass, Vintage Elegant Glass, & Fiestaware spread over several cases.

DeLynnda Deleon

Larry has a large booth chock full of Vintage Roseville, Brilliant Cut Glass, Jewelry, and Asian Arts


Tracy has a wide selection of Vintage Furniture pieces in all sizes.  She also has clocks, paintings, figurines and other porcelain decorator pieces.


They carry small furniture, Victorian and regency style antique accessories, and antique advertising items.

 Faith Eskue

Faith has a selection of special pieces including Art Deco lamps, Kitchenalia, jewelery and other figurines.

 George and Christine

They carry furniture and contemporary glass sculptures and china pieces

Patti Cruce

Patti has a large selection of fine jewelery


Danny has a large selection of Kitchenalia and camp items up to the 50's.  He also has more modern items and general tableware including china and tea sets.  He also has a large collection of salt and pepper shakers in all possible styles and patterns.  If you collect salt and pepper shakers he probably has a couple you do not have


Andie and Jennie Fuentes

Andie loves to mix rusty and galvanized with romance.  She sprinkles in touches of vintage and french home decor.   

 Barbra Young

Barbara has a large selection of China, large china sets, hats, jewelery, figurines, lamps and pictures

Robbie Rowe

Robbie carries a selection of vintage toys and advertising pieces.


Jan has a mix of fashion accessories (Hats, scarves, gloves and jewelery) along with china and crystal items.

Ann Cornell

Ann has a wonderful selection of jewelery

 Robert & Judy - Ross Specialties

They specialize in estate sales and antiques collections.  They always have a wide selection of small antique items.


Daren caries a selection of antique and vintage toys and militaria


Tina has a selection of kitchenalia, books and furniture.  The furniture is both kitchen related and also suitable for the rest of the house.

 Betty Sue Bettencort

Great Collection of Fine Antiques and Collectibles


They have a wonderful collection of antique and vintage items with a country and kitchen flair.  They also have lots of advertising items and signs.   

 Becky Lee- Happy Thoughts

Becky Lee carries a wide selection of Vintage Country Chic or Shabby Chic decorator items.  She has lots of vintage kitchen and dining linens, lamps, canister and serving pieces.

Cliff Marceau

Wonderful Section of fine antiques and collectibles

Debra Pearson

Antiques and Collectibles

 Henry Tafoya (Music and Records)

Henry carries a wide range of vintage collectibles, records, music scores, vintage movie photos, posters, paintings, frames artwork and advertising pieces.  He also has 60's era pop items and has even been known to have a lava lamp or two.

William Rottman

William carries a truly fantastic collection of Depression Glass and Vintage Kitchen Collectibles.  He has many pieces in several different colors to match whatever you may have in your collection. 

Trudy Degroot

A million and one miniatures and Dutch memorabilia

RuthAnn Sutherland

Antiques and Collectibles

Jennifer Befort

Jennifer carries Glassware and figurines

Sue Murry

Antiques and Collectibles



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